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Billing and termination of contract

Valued Commentator

Billing and termination of contract

Hi, the covered period for my mobile broadband is Oct 16-Nov 15 for my month of October billing. If I terminate my contract today can i still use the broadband till nov 15? And i will no longer pay for mobile broadband for my next billing date? Thanks.

Grand Guru

Re: Billing and termination of contract

Hi  @apolraga


Termination is immediate.


So if you terminate now, that Services, Mobile Broadband, will be terminated with immediate effect.

Hence you will not be able to use the services.


So it is better to call to terminate the next day after expiry date.

This is to avoid unnecessary problem, as they could consider early termination.


The FINAL bill may take about 4 -6 weeks to process.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.