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3G Free MaxMobile (1GB) DataPack - Mobile / Modem

Grand Guru

Re: 3G Free MaxMobile (1GB) DataPack - Mobile / Modem

I don't think so.

For having this for more than 10+ years, it show  3G  or  H+

For LTE, it most probably it is the handset receive signal.

But the actual speed is control thru the ISP network system.


SIM card are now a day come with 3 pre-cut for, mini-SIM, micro-SIM, nano-SIM.

For the signal, it is under ISP network system control.

Even if the handset show LTE &or 4G, but when connecting thru ISP, the system will manage the speed.

Most new SIM card are adaptable to 4G or LTE.

It is where ISP system detection and adjust the speed as indicated in the mobile plans.

Same as Broadband.




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