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Top 2 Social Media Strategies in 2019

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Top 2 Social Media Strategies in 2019

In the past few years social media has played a very crucial role in past few years in our lives and in our business horizon.The social media would continue to play a very important role in years 2019 too. Some strategies in social media that are still relevant and would be hugely impactful in year 2019 are:


1. Live Streaming:


Live streaming is the new face of videos. I have seen this strategy being successfully implemented in their social media campaigns by various designing and development companies like IPhone application development companies. Whenever you do something live, it automatically attracts attention of your followers. 


2. Chatbots


Chatbots today are very much handy and with them you can give opportunity to customers or visitors to feel comfortable and answer their questions. So if you have done it before, do try to use chatbots for your business.


3. Ephemeral Content


This is a very fast and increasingly popular way to engage with your customers. Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram stories are something that business owners should definitely look into since it can help you look authentic since the content posted would be more real time. 

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Re: Top 2 Social Media Strategies in 2019

Another Social Media connectivity is blog section mostly i have seen website having blog section mostly people visit their and get useful information