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How to hone skills as an animator

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How to hone skills as an animator

I have never animated a video before but I am learning this skill and I intend to improve over time. It takes a lot to become a professional animator and that is why I want to learn how to become good at this field. I was looking to work on an animation video maker online but I just cannot seem to find the right one. I hope to hone my skills as a great animator and then utilize my expertise by working alongside a professional team of animators. If you have any tips and tricks then do mention them under this thread.


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Re: How to hone skills as an animator

Every skills need practise and dedication. If one wants to get skilled and be expert in its desired field so should be doing daily practices and get the daily updates, from the early college life start watching free tutorials and start challenging yourself and start making small projects and try to use every tool so you will get expert and well aware of the tools in the animation software. Smiley Happy