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Working at StarHub: Our First Impression on Internship at StarHub

SP Student Blogger

My first Impression on Internship @StarHub


Sweating from the fear of going through the 6 week internship ordeal is a fear that every DBIT student has to go through. Despite the working experience we had with ad hoc jobs in compaines like NTUC and John Little, we were still relatively unexperienced when it comes to desk jobs. Not to mention that StarHub is a huge enterprise, given that we were barely 3rd year students, it was only in our nature to fear of the madness that lied ahead. 


By simply hearing the gigantic name of the corporation, anyone would expect puny interns like us to be tasked with minor administrative tasks. Supporting Community Content, Contest Activation, Copy Writing and etc sounds really boring doesn’t it? All these duties have to be performed under the supervision of a high authoritative figure “Mr Kai Boon”. All these only sums up to a surpassed limit of devastation a student can handle before having a panic attack.


The moment of truth


Walking into the glamorous office with our dead wood mentality, we were astounded to notice the beautiful furnishings within the corporate premises. Our first dread turned soft when we saw the warm faces and gentle hands of KaiBoon and Darren, our supervisors.


The Golden Village Gift Card Social Campaign


My first Impression on Internship @StarHub


Upon seated on the comforts of the office, we were handed the project Golden Village Gift Card Social Campaign. The concrete agenda of this project is to make use of the 100 gift cards worth $28 each to increase the Social Media presence of StarHub Community.


Tasked with the campaign of distributing close to $3000 worth of movie gift vouchers, we were a little stressed out at first. Fortunately we have taken the module “Social Media Marketing”, giving us a brief experience of handling such campaigns. The theoretical knowledge taught by Ms Dora along with the hands on experience we had in companies like Crepe Signature and Simply Wrapps, we found it pretty manageable in the first phase.


However, our knowledge did not last; the honeymoon ended when we were tasked with objectives beyond our range of experience. Our cheerfully experienced supervisor, Kai Boon, guided us with great patience giving us multiple opportunities of learning experiences we will not forget.


First thoughts of Internship @StarHub


On a personal level, the joy of witnessing the start-up of our campaign is beyond our ability to comprehend. With so much ahead, we hope to be involved in more learning opportunities just like this one!


We are proud to showcase the work that we have done. You can find it on


Written by Wong Kin Hou and Sew Wei Jian


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Senior Commentator

Wow. It seems that internship at Starhub can be exciting too, where you have the opportunity to apply your Social Media Marketing Skill, and being tasked with projects. All the best for your internship!

Senior Commentator

It takes time to adapt with a new environment to work at. The Golden Village Gift Card Social Campaign was pretty interesting as most of the people in Singapore loves watching movie and this will attract them into participating in the social campaign! And I'm one of them Smiley Very Happy 

It's also a good opportunity to showcase of what you guys have learnt in Social Media Marketing module and imply in this social campaign! It seems pretty exciting to me because I'm a person that loves to advertise! 

Moreover, it's very lucky to have such a cheerfully experienced supervisor guiding you through the way and I'm sure with this, you guys will be able to not only enjoy this internship but also to learn and experience more things over there! I wish you guys good luck in your internship! Smiley Wink

Android™ Expert

a high authoritative figure “Mr Kai Boon”. @KaiBoon is scary !

Hub Master

@IncTEh What do you think?

Valued Advocate

Man @KaiBoon sounds like a super scary guy. Best wishes for a fruitful internship and hopefully not too much yelling coming from the high authoritative Kaiboon!

Hub Master

@RickyS you know how I am like. Don't give everyone a wrong impression of me. haha

Esteemed Consultant

Wow..looks great to be a intern, hope my times there is such thing....but i really support this up yound talents and great for sh to have "cheap" labour on the other hand...ha..ha..

Valued Advocate

Haha I kid @KaiBoon good luck with the internship @Kin Hou and @Sew Wei Jian !

Android™ Expert

The interns must be thankful to be given an internship with Starhub, especially with Mr Kai Boon. Smiley LOL

Alumni (Retired)

How is that Mr @KaiBoon?

Hub Master

@razerpro I am a nice guy