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Thank You and Good Bye to StarHub Community

Hub Master



Dear Members of StarHub Community and All-Stars Members


It has been an enjoyable journey here with all of you. Today is my last day in StarHub and I am here to bid farewell to everyone. I really appreciate the support that you all have given me. Not forgetting the numerous compliments that I have received.


StarHub Community, to me, is a platform where my customers, colleagues, advocates and friends are. It is like my virtual home. I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve you all in the positions of Customer Service and Community Manager.


I will be taking a short break before taking on my new role as Social Media Manager in another company. Let’s keep in touch here and I will hope everyone will continue to render your support to the new Community Manager, Customer Service Team as well as Howard.


I will continue to be active on StarHub Community and do keep a lookout for me!


Home is where the ♥ is
Windows™ Phone Expert

All the best, Kai Boon! We'll miss you! Smiley Very Happy

Respected Advisor

All the best, Kaiboon Smiley Happy

Android™ Expert

All the best! Hope your next advanture will be a fruitful like what you have had with StarHub!

Senior Commentator

All the best. I just send you a PM on wednesday. =p didnt know you are going.

Valued Advocate

Best of luck in your new role and thank you for making the starhub community awesome! You will definitely be missed KB! 

Hub Master
Thanks all for the well wishes.

Grand Guru

All the best in your new job.


Honored Advisor
Community Sheriff

Stay in touch bro, still beer outstanding...

Hub Master

Ppl, stay in touch Smiley Happy

Honored Commentator

Thanks Kai Boon for the help and constantly promoting Bookmate on StarHub community! 

Alumni (Retired)

All the best, Kai Boon! Best of luck in your new endeavours!

Honored Advisor

All the best, Kai Boon. 

Honored Contributor

All the best and take care

Honored Contributor

Thank you for keeping the starhub froums Livey and happy !