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Taste Of Thailand – Cooking demo by Chef Ian Kittichai

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I was lucky to score front row seats for a cooking demo by Chef Ian Kittichai, which was presented by Asian Food Channel and Starhub Hubalicious on 4 April 2015. The cooking demo was held at Court MegaStore Tampines. This was his regional tour with Asian Food Channel to promote a new show “3 Chefs 1 City”, every Tuesday at 9pm, Starhub Channel 435.




I have heard of Chef Ian Kittchai, knowing that he is a chef from Bangkok Thailand and he had competed on Iron Chef Competition. Hence I did some research online and found out that he was not only a chef but a restaurant owner, judge at Iron Chef Thailand, cookbook writer and a TV show presenter as well. Click on the link to know more about Chef Ian Kittichai.


Before the cooking demo starts, Tamarind Hill had prepared some Thailand snacks for the public to try. There are Thai Spring Rolls, Prawn Toast and Red Ruby dessert. This is a fantastic way to bring us into Thai food feel.




At 3pm, the host started off with some quiz session about Chef Ian Kittichai and gave away a few sets of Hubalicious Salt and Pepper grinder. After warming up the crowd, at 3.30pm, the host finally invited Chef Ian Kittichai on stage.



The chef is very chatty and willingly to share his experiences on stage. He had prepared 3 signature dishes for the cooking demonstration. They are Thai Beef Salad, Chilean Sea Bass and Jasmine Flower Flan.


The first dish he started working on is a starter dish, Thai Beef Salad. He shared with us some tips on preparing marinate for the beef, cooking the beef. In less than 15 minutes, he presented the completed dish with ease. This salad tasted refreshing with the herbs used in the salad, tender beef and the dressing was super spicy (at least for me) from the 3 chilli padi.






The second dish he did a main dish, Chilean Sea Bass, where he shared with us the inspiration behind this dish. He made the dish look so simple, that I am thinking of giving it a go to prepare the dish as well. This fish tasted great with the red curry marinate, not too spicy for me as well. The fish is flaky inside and crispy outside as he has used the blow torch to “cook” the fish after baking in the oven.





The dessert came as a surprise dish as initially Chef is supposed to cook 2 dishes. The dessert is Jasmin Flower Flan. I am surprised that jasmine flowers can be actually used in this dish and it does enhance the taste of this dessert. He also added edible flower pedals as well.  The flan is a yummy dessert to end the meal. I am able to taste the jasmine flower in the flan.





After the end of the cooking demo, we are invited to taste the dishes which Chef Ian Kittichai had prepared. At the same time, we are able to interact with the chef and get some cooking tips from him at the same time. I am happy that I am able to interact with Chef Ian Kittichai and he is able to autograph on his cookbook “Issaya Siamese Club: Innovative Thai Cuisine”. All the 3 dishes which he had demo were featured in the cookbook as well.




I would like to thank Starhub and Asian Food Channel for this wonderful experience, for me to have an up close cooking demo session with Chef Ian Kittichai. Hope I have the chance to visit his award winning restaurant, Issaya Siamese Club, which was ranked No. 31 on this year Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant soon.

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Wow @Polarbear you should start blogging about food!

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So lucky!

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The pictures are making me hungry.


@Polarbear any good makan place to intro?


@PolarbearYou should be a food blogger!


Hey SHC, I love to travel. Will you sponser me to tour around the world? I can write about my experience here! Heh heh heh.