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StarHub HD Voice and VoLTE


By Howard Toh


VoLTE or Voice over LTE, has been in the limelight recently in Singapore. But HD quality voice call is not new here.  


StarHub launched HD Voice in March 2013, being the first telco in Singapore to do so. HD Voice allows for crisp, clear voice quality using Wideband Speech and noise cancellation technologies. No end user effort is needed as HD Voice calls are triggered automatically on calls between StarHub mobile customers with compatible handsets. 


What exactly is VoLTE?

VoLTE enables customers to make HD Voice calls over a 4G network, by allowing more speech information to be sent over-the-air as compared to standard voice calls. This results in natural-sounding and significantly clearer phone conversations with reduced background noise. On this note, you may like to know that StarHub launched HD Voice in March last year. This means that StarHub Mobile customers with a HD Voice capable handset have been enjoying crystal clear HD Voice phone conversations over 3G.


When is StarHub launching VoLTE and what is the service price?

StarHub’s comprehensive suite of VoLTE services will be launched in the coming weeks and information will be available at our website


Will StarHub’s VoLTE be made available to all 4G handsets?

VoLTE is a new technology and it is starting to appear as a standard feature in new handset models. Details on handset availability will be made available closer to the commercial launch of our VoLTE service. Stay tuned!


So in my personal opinion, I am already satisfied with HD Voice as it is already supported on quite a decent number of handsets. To know more about HD voice, you can refer to the HD Voice page or the HD Voice FAQ page. You can also watch a demo video done by Grace Tan below: 



Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub Smiley Happy