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StarHub Community celebrates 3rd birthday bash with Advocates at Heritage@25

Alumni (Retired)

StarHub Community brings together their most loyal advocates for the shiokest throwback party to celebrate yet another successful year


It was like something from an earlier time. The house, with its colonial-era façade and rustic charm, was abuzz with chatter. Its inhabitants wore colourful kebaya dresses and batik shirts as they mingle and makan. ​Their menu included delectable local fare such as satay, laksa, chicken curry and tropical fruits.


They walked barefoot on kampong-style wooden floors, passing Peranakan art and decor on wooden wall fixtures. Some of them played games nearly forgotten with today’s deluge of video and mobile games. These included five stones, pick-up sticks and capteh.




This wasn’t a scene from an old 60s movie or book, however. It was 2015, and it was the shiokest throwback party of the year.


"It's good to see you again," one guest said to another. "It's been, what, almost a year."

"Even though we've been talking so regularly," came the reply, "– online."

Indeed, it's a gathering of old friends in the Internet Age, as StarHub Community brought together its most ardent advocates to celebrate yet another successful year for the Kampong Heroes party. 


Kampong Heroes is a throwback to our nation’s formative years, as the kampong spirit of camaraderie, cooperation and togetherness helped bring Singapore from post-war rebuilding to first world nation in the span of only a few decades.


Similarly, StarHub Community’s burgeoning success has been largely due to its members, some of who have regularly contributed their expertise and insights in creating content for the page, as well as in helping other members with their issues in a range of topics from network to gadget-related troubles.


The event was held at Heritage@25, a beautiful venue along Chapel Road that features a fascinating blend of nostalgic appeal and modern creature comforts.






The festivities began at 6pm to retro music playing in the background as guests were welcomed with a bag of goodies from StarHub Community, and were invited to play the aforementioned kampong games such as capteh or five stones. They were also given a welcome drink in the shape of StarHub Community’s signature Roti Kaya cocktail, a delicious blend of whisky, coconut cream, pandan syrup and gula Melaka.




The attendees were treated to a comedy show by host Zul, whose material involved a lot of witty observations on Singaporean life and history. Zul was effervescent and charming. His infectious energy set the tone for an up-tempo night.




The attendees were then presented with certificates in recognition of their contributions to StarHub Community. There were four tiers of recognition: Super Stars for the community’s most active members and most insightful content creators, followed by Rock Stars, Heroes and SuperHubbers in decreasing order of community participation.




To the StarHub Community advocates, the event was also a great chance for them to meet fellow members that they’ve been collaborating and interacting with online.


Community Super Star Jason Chee, also known by his community user name ReignOfComputer said, “I’m glad that we got together. I’m glad the whole of StarHub Community, the people who I’ve been interacting with online for so long, got together and see each other face-to-face.”


"I might not have met my fellow Community members if I didn't attend this event, so I'm glad we have this opportunity to get together,” said Gunadi, or Gunz as he is known on StarHub Community.


Kampong Heroes is part of SCREAM and this year’s event theme as StarHub Community’s 3rd anniversary. StarHub Community has garnered 32,165 community members and it has largely been a contribution of our strong advocates who have created, curated interesting content that has always engaged users on the platform. This event is aimed at bringing advocates together to connect with their advocates offline with StarHub and for the advocates to connect with their fellow peers as well to further strengthen the relationship over a common bond.


For more information on StarHub Community’s Kampong Heroes, click here!

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