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Our Awesome Internship at StarHub!

StarHub Intern



Riding on the momentum of the series of internships done at StarHub by students from Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) at Singapore Polytechnic, we have another unique experience of ours to share.



So it’s been more than a month since we joined StarHub. Being selected to be the two students to work with a large corporate company StarHub, we took it upon ourselves to make the best impression we could.  


Of course, we were often told that internships at large corporate companies were pretty dull because student interns were often tasked to administrative roles. But in our opinion, it is really how you make the most of it. For us, we were really fortunate to have Howard as our supervisor who gave us the space to create our own contests and articles.


Hence, taking on tasks such as Community Engagement and Contest Activation didn’t turn out to be as mundane as many think it would be.

Everything can always turn out creative, depending on how much effort we put into being creative.


StarHub Community

One of the major tasks that we did was to help to increase the level of community engagement as well as the number of member registrations on the StarHub Community platform, which was an important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for us.


Hence, we gladly took up the challenge and started brainstorming on behalf of Darren and Howard to come up with interesting contests and articles to engage the community and hopefully get more new members on board.



As we had to engage the community, content contribution was also one important role. Tapping on our flair of writing, it was really fulfilling to be able to make use of this skill to come up with interesting articles targeted towards the youths. We were able to drive viewer traffic to these articles, with the influence of our own social networks.


How to stop boring your audience to tears

Top 3 Unconventional but Kick-Ass Presentation Tools

The Social Confusion behind the Facebook Dislike Button

Top Hangouts for Singaporean Youths by Region

7 Ways to Save Your Data Usage!

Is your blood pressure normal? Check it out!

Feel dizzy when you stand up too fast? You might find the reason here!



We were given a lot of chance  Four of the contests that have already been implemented are the Happy Youths Contest , Klout Connect Contest , Link the Movie Contest and HomeHub Go Contest  . We are proud to say that the mechanics, banner design and the execution were all done by us!


Check out the contest here: Happy Youths Contest [Ongoing. Ends 13th Nov'15]


Do drop by this contest to tell us your favourite hangout and why and you might just walk away with $50 worth of CapitaLand vouchers to shop at your nearest CapitaLand mall!




Check out the contest here: Link the Movies Contest [Ongoing. Ends 27th Oct'15]

Wanna win a pair of GV Gold Class Tickets? Comment below the thread with a creative tag line that links the 5 movies!


original (1).png


Check out the contest here: HomeHub Go Contest [Ongoing. Ends 27th Oct'15]

Answer 1 question and stance a chance to win a pair of GV Gold Class Tickets!




Check out the contest here: Klout Connect Contest [ENDED]


original (2).png


Additionally, in order to drive traffic to the contest and articles, we had to manage the Community Digest Facebook Page.


Something that we learned while managing it is that Facebook actually has this 20 percent rule that requires us to limit the amount of text to less than 20% of our banner, or else it will be marked as spam advertisement.


This was an important guideline to follow as it was required for our contests to be put on Facebook Ads.

Keyboard Customer Service Agent

Apart from brainstorming of ideas for community engagement, we are also involved in being the keyboard Customer Service agents under @Howard Toh 's guidance. We are being put in charge (under the handle @htethtetaung and @Kerris Ng) of ensuring that customers had their questions answered by the Customer Service team on the StarHub Community.


This is a good opportunity to develop our customer service skills as we feel that it is a very crucial and practical skill to learn and will definitely be of help in the near future when we are dealing with customers.



One other side community project that we did was to record down the contributions done by StarHub advocates and compile our findings into a report. We had to observe and identify those who participated actively in the discussion to help out other fellow community members and particularly, those who defended StarHub's products and services.


We were also tasked to categorize users’ posts from the database for the last 3 months via the Lithium Social Intelligence tool. Using the results, we were able to keep track of the trend for each category and identify the most common problems faced by users so that StarHub can provide more support for such areas particularly.


Despite the tedious process, the end result was satisfactory.


Overall, interning in StarHub is definitely very enriching to our work experiences, and we are glad to have been able to use this experience to boost our portfolios with the skills that we have gained here.


Thank you Mr Darren Choo and Howard Toh for your patience, time and guidance so far. 


We have now ended off our internship with a bang!






This article was written by Ng Jing Ting and Htet Htet Aung.

Currently an intern at StarHub. Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub