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Did you spot StarHub's COW during the NDP Preview?


By Howard Toh


Did you see our COW?


Known as Cellular-on-Wheels (COW), it is basically a mobile base-station mounted on a vehicle and is used to supplement our 3G/4G capacity at major events, where higher than usual mobile usage is expected. StarHub first deployed the COW during an event at Anchor Green Primary School in 2010 and since then, it has been quietly doing its job in the background in several major events!

 NOT this COW for sure!


StarHub deploys COW for NDP Preview


StarHub's Cellular-on-Wheels (COW) boosts 3G/4G capacity during NDP Preview


As with any large-scale events, our support for the National Day Parade (NDP) 2014 began months in advance. After reviewing the mobile traffic handling capacity of our equipment, we have enhanced mobile coverage and added capacity at over 30 mobile base stations in the location to ensure NDP goers will enjoy excellent service experience.


And did you know that our COW is Solar Powered? Smiley Wink


Our COW will make its appearance again next week during the actual National Day Parade! So if you are heading there next weekend and happen to spot our COW, instagram it with the hashtag #starhubcommunity Smiley Happy 


StarHub's Cellular On Wheels


Our COW's past "appearances"



  • Sponsorship of mobile broadband dongles /service for Clean & Green School Carnival @ Anchor Green Primary School


  • Screen Singapore @ Sentosa
  • General Elections 2011
  • Sponsorship of Jamb 100 cum 3rd ASEAN Jamb @Scout Camp Sarimbun
  • Standard Chartered Marathon 2011


  • Hougang By-Election
  • NDP 2012
  • Standard Chartered Marathon 2012


  • NDP 2013
  • Punggol East By-Election
  • StarHub Family Day @ Sentosa
  • Standard Chartered Marathon 2013


  • Earth Hour 2014
  • SEA Games Launch 2014
  • NDP Preview 2014
  • NDP 2014
  • ... and more to come!

Updates (15 August 2014)


On 9 August 2014, an estimated 200,000 people, including spectators, performers and visitors, celebrated Singapore’s birthday at Marina Bay and shared their experiences with family and friends through their mobile devices. As compared to last year’s event, StarHub’s mobile network processed significantly higher mobile usage, with a five-fold increase in 4G traffic.


Today, we are happy to share that our NDP goers enjoyed 100% mobile service uptime and consistently better mobile surfing experience throughout the parade.

StarHub Speedtest Mobile

On-site speed tests were done hourly as part of StarHub’s network health monitoring process






Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub Smiley Happy

Android™ Expert
How about new years day at marina bay?

I'can ask my network folks but I do know that we were ever denied entry in the past for several events due to strict security. Smiley Happy

Esteemed Consultant

I have a suggestion, if starhub can provide free cable channel viewing for StarHub box user, why don't SH waive off sms greetings to fellow SH users or how about free local calls on this special days?

Hub Master

@sfans We can explore that. Would you like to share that suggestion with us on Idea Exchange?

Esteemed Consultant
Sure.I will expand on this idea into the idea exchange, thanks kb