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Creating an interesting photo with Photoshop's simple tools

Honored Advisor

One of the main features of Photoshop is using of layer. Layers are like sheets of transparency films. Your photos can be organized in different layers, overlapping one another. On the other hand, you are still able to edit each photo on its layer without affecting the other layers.


This is my children’s bedroom and I want to make an interesting photo of them playing in their room.  So my idea is making them appear all around their double decker bed.  Let me go through a simple demonstration of how this can be done.


Using a tripod stand, take multiple different shots of the objects (children in this example).





















Now we will merge Pic 2 into Pic 1.



I open Pic1 and Pic2 in photoshop, with Pic1 as background and Pic2 above it.  You can set Pic2 opacity to about 50% so as to adjust the Pic2 to make its background match exactly to Pic 1.




After adjusting the position of Pic2, set the opacity back to 100%.




Now using the eraser tool, set the hardness  to 0% and the size will depend on your picture. For example,  mine resolution is about 4000 x 3000 so I set my brush size to 900. But when need to erase near your object, you will need to set your brush to a smaller size so it will not erase your object.  With the earser, erase everything in the picture except the object. You will get the picture where Pic1 and Pic2 are merged as shown above.


Continue with the same steps  for Pic 3, Pic 4 and  Pic 5. In the end, you can get this:



Some other examples of my products using similar photoshop editing:





If you are interest in trying out Photoshop, for free 30 Days trial, download at


Feel free to discuss with me on photo editing.