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Your Tuxedo : 5 Common Mistakes - Blissful Brides Magazine

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Guys, when getting your tuxedo tailored, avoid these 5 things to ensure a happy journey down the aisle, both literally and metaphorically.

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Mistake #1 - Procrastinating your tuxedo fitting

Waiting too long to try and pick it up spells disaster for your wedding. It’s no pleasant surprise finding out on the special day that the tuxedo makes you look disproportionate or is bursting at its seams. A better idea would be to head on down to your tuxedo fitting at least eight weeks in advance to select and scour through which colour and design will suit you. Also, remember to try out all accessories there and then too, including shoes. With your best foot forward, you’d appreciate the time you spent.


Mistake #2: Only suiting yourself

In the absence of your wife-to-be, don’t choose a style that does not match the event. nobody wants an emotional bride wailing on the morning of your ceremony, claiming you didn’t seek her approval beforehand. Remember that the wedding is a celebration uniting both you and your significant other and selecting your tuxedo (and the bridal gown) should be a joint affair, unless you prefer the wedding cancelled in a fit of overwhelming emotion and fury.

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Mistake #3: Selecting a tuxedo based on its look in print

Don’t choose your tux out of glossy pages of a catalogue. Most of these have been taped, pinned and adjusted to fit the models and altered by print designers anyway, so it isn’t a right gauge of whether it will look good on you. More importantly, personally check out how it feels and whether your tux is made from high quality material. Never forget the three F’s - the way it falls down your front and back, the way it fits around you and the way it feels. A word from the experts: higher thread counts (number of threads per inch) in suits produce a better finish.


Mistake #4: Buying a limiting tuxedo style.

Beware of wasting your money on something that is not versatile. Keep in mind the quality and the style of the suit, as well as the material and comfort level too. Thoroughly check whether the material is appropriate for your occasion and the Singapore heat. Are you wearing it for an outdoor or indoor event? Also, does the material crease easily? A suit that wrinkles easily makes you look sloppy and is not something you’d want for a wedding.


Mistake #5: Choosing a tuxedo that doesn’t match your body type

Don’t get into one that is too big and makes you swim in it. In addition, don’t wear pants that are too tight or too short. Taller and thinner grooms can handle most looks, especially longer four or five button suits. A groom with broad shoulders should wear a tapered cut. A shorter man may want to look taller by selecting a single-breasted coat with a peaked lapel. Another instant slimming trick for someone with a bigger middle is to pick double-breasted coats and to avoid high-button suits or overly low-cut vests.

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Now you’re ready. Steer clear of these five tuxedo mistakes and you’ll walk down the aisle looking and feeling fabulous!


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