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To the gym!

Community Relationship Manager

I've been meddling with different dance forms since young, and I've always preferred a dance session to just sweating it out in a gym. With more intense dance routines, I began to understand the importance of running as dancing alone doesn't build stamina and core strength, you need the stamina and core exercises to complement the dance training. 

After a few months of short jogging sessions, slowly but surely, I found myself enjoying the evening jogs at Bishan Park, and my stamina did improved.


With the cranky weather these days, I found it difficult to stick to my workout regime outdoors and end up watching TV on my couch through the night. So I decided to check out the gym 1 day after finding out about the $100 free credits on ActiveSG which allows you access to the gyms at community centres! 


I was a bit worried and didn't know what to expect at first. Will someone help me if I can't lift the dumbbell, will I look fat next to the girl with the defined biceps, will I know how to operate the complicated machines? 


All the worries and questions went out the window as I started running on the threadmill, I could feel the breeze (from the air-con) in my hair, I could people-watch through the window of the gym, and I started to feel relaxed and good from the workout. 


So I've started gymming on a regular basis to keep fit, destress and take my mind off the daily work routine.


More gym sessions to come and hopefully get to meet my abs in 2018!