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Things to do with your other half this Valentine’s day


Planning the perfect Valentine's Day date can be super tough, whether it's your first V-Day together or you have gone through it for a couple of times already. Thankfully, there are plenty of ideas out there that can make your Valentine's Day perfect to impress your significant other (SO). Here are the things that you might want to try with your other half this special day.


❤ Make a video to commemorate the special day.vid.gif

Go to places that you guys usually go on dates and take videos or photos when you're there. At the end of the day, stitch the videos and photos together, and mark the date so that you can look back at the video in the years to come!


❤ Go for a movie marathon.giphy.gif

Yeah, sounds familiar since you probably always binge-watch with your bae, but have you ever gone on a movie marathon? So, grab the cosiest blanket and choose a movie theme from scary or rom coms. Also, each one of you should bring a favourite snack that you think your partner might like.


❤ Play hooky.


Exhausted with your everyday work? Take the day off from work and enjoy some R&R with your SO. Have breakfast in bed, play board games, and reminisce how the two of you fell in love with each other. Enjoy yourselves at home.


❤ Try out fun couple quizzes.quiz.gif

There are many online websites like Interact, and Quiz Maker, which you can use to customize quizzes. Sit your partner down to come up with questions about each other and challenge each other to answer the questions. There are also couples’ quizzes and interview questionnaires available online that you can use.


❤ Have a game

Too mundane? But this will demand a lot of hours because a video game date can never end after just a couple of games. Why? Well, because you're playing against each and no one wants to lose, right? So, there's always a rematch. Hopefully, it will not end up in a breakup.


What are you waiting for? Might as well plan your Valentine's Day date now! Feel free to steal these ideas or make some adjustments or even combine different options. It's just a few days until the much-awaited romantic holiday for couples. Don't waste your time, plan and celebrate your love.



~ Carla