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Then & Now: Getting a New Phone

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Getting a new phone was a full day’s work.


The long queues were the worst, right?



Image source:


Will this queue ever end?



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Then you start to get hungry, but you can’t leave to get food cos you’re STILL in the queue. So you just wait in line...



Image source:


When you’ve finally reached the start of the queue, you get assigned a queue number and the waiting begins. Again.



Image source:


After all that queuing and waiting and standing in line, you finally got your hands on your new phone and you’re like:



Image source:


And then it’s on to the next challenge: braving the peak hour crowds to get back home.



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And 5 hours later, you’re finally back home! What a journey it was to get your new phone.



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But NOW, you can sign up for a new phone without leaving the comforts of your home!


Here’s how:


So now, sit back, relax & wait for your new phone to get delivered to your doorstep!


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