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The Most APP-ealing Ways to Travel

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Travelling to new countries is always an interesting & exciting adventure! We see and learn various new things and go through a myriad of different experiences. However, it can be a little daunting at times.


But fret not, here’s where your smart phone comes in handy, as always! To help ease your traveling woes, we have listed a pocketful of apps for your next travel adventure.


1. Kayak


Kayak 1.pngKayak 2.png    

iOS: Free, 62.6MB

Android: Free, 21MB


Flights, hotels and car rentals? Kayak has got it all.  It gives you details about your flights such as when will you land, which terminal and gate you land at and how early you will land. To top that off, you can even plan your itinerary.


2. Packing Pro


Packing Pro^D706F883F39402F0A7003495659C6C47E5C46CA94CAB152429^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr (2).png

iOS: $4.48, 18,6MB

Android: Nil


This app is for the mothers who have to do everyone’s packing and for people who are too afraid that they might leave something behind. This app creates pre-set lists that one might need for specific destinations. However, you can also customise and share your own and create multiple lists for everyone in your family. It even categorises things that you need to buy and prioritize. It allows you to add images and set alerts so that you will not forget anything.


3. Travefy




iOS: Free, 15.2MB

Android: Free, 5.9MB


Travefy is a group travel planner. You can store the entire group’s travel plans, details and expenses in one place. You can collect the money that your friends owe you, collaborate and plan your itinerary together, discover fun ideas and get your friends to vote for the ones that they want to do. Don't stress yourself out about catching up on those group chats again! 


4. Food Spotting



Food Spotting^DCB00D7DEC152594AE5D76E1EDA4821CECAFE2EB58BFF2DA90^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg

iOS: Free, 17.2MB

Android: Free, varies with device


Food Spotting is the app that every foodie needs to have. You're at Taiwan, where can you find the best Bubble Tea? Food Spot it!  You can search for good food around the area by entering your location or by typing the name of a dish. Reviews and images of food have been added by fellow foodspotters, friends, locals and even experts. This is an especially useful app to have for people with allergies, picky eaters, vegetarians and/or on strict diets.


5. Camera+ (Camera Plus)




iOS: Free, 78.7 MB

Android: NIL


Be it an OOTD or taking photos of delicious Mango Sticky Rice desserts in Bangkok, Camera+ enables you to take and edit photos like a pro. Camera+ allows you to shoot in various modes and has effects that you can choose from. You can control your exposure and make sure your photos aren't crooked. This is an app that every photographer and Instagrammer would need to take perfect shots.


6. Along the Way



Along The Way 1 Along The Way 2

iOS: $4.48, 8.6 MB

Android: NIL


If you are thinking of road-tripping in Australia, Along the way, is a must have. It shows you what the attractions along the way are. Alternatively, you can search for places or restaurants by typing in your preference. It also gives the details of the attractions such as ratings, photos, special deals, directions and much more.



7. Google Translate


Google Translate Google Translate.png

iOS: Free, 49.5MB

Android: Free, varies with device


Trying to get a good meal in Bali but don’t understand the menu? Use Google Translate. Type texts to translate, use your front camera to capture texts and translate, have two- way speech translation and even draw the words out to translate them. You will never be lost for words again.



8. Happy Prepaid


Happy Prepaid 1 Happy Prepaid 2

iOS: Free, 19.2MB

Android: Free, 12MB


StarHub Happy Prepaid App – the only app you need to manage your StarHub Prepaid account, you can check your prepaid balance, usage and purchase Value-added services.


When you are travelling overseas, you can also enjoy Happy Roam on StarHub Mobile Prepaid. It is designed to make travelling to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia, an easy experience with no additional data roaming charges!


Simply get started with a StarHub Mobile Prepaid SIM , buy a data plan from as low as $5 for 1GB and activate roaming before you take off. Plus, you can manage your account and  when you need more data, you can top up and purchase from the Happy Prepaid app itself. Now, how convenient is that?


Now that you’re on board with Happy Roam and our APP-solutely handy travel tips, what are you waiting for? Safe travels & happy roaming!


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