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Out in the Country

Alumni (Retired)

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I recently took a trip to Queensland. I felt very well equipped with my handheld devices; ready and loaded up with some on-the-go entertainment for my time in the countryside, and on the road.


It was only when I was there that I realised there’s no reception out in the country. You can’t get 3G/4G connection on the farm. The wifi signal isn’t very strong and only gets picked up at a certain outdoor area (which gets mosquitos and flies, loads especially at night). On a happy note, my DataTravel worked really well when we were in the more urban areas. That really helped us moving around!


It would have been fine if it was just adults, but I had my daughter with me as well – let’s just say it isn’t easy to keep a very restless toddler strapped to her car seat, singing the same songs and reading the same books over and over, with no YouTube videos to tap onto for extra entertainment.


This gave me new perspective. We are so used to being able to connect to our social media accounts, videos, shows and games any time we like. Yet, in many other countries, people go about their lives without needing to be constantly connected.


The week in Queensland made me really appreciate the quality time you spend with friends and family, once you are forced to disconnect from everything mobile and online.