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Newborn Must Haves!

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Having a baby? First-time parent? Confused about what you should buy for your baby? When I was pregnant with my first child, I was so excited that my shopping spree for baby started immdiately after the 12th weeks detailed scan! However, during the second pregnancy, I did minimal shopping, since it’s also a girl I only shop for the necessities as I realised that I have too much things unused from my first pregnancy.


Here’s a shopping guide to new parents-to-be so that you won’t overshop.


1. Convertible Baby Cot (If don’t plan to co- sleep)

Get one that can grow with your baby and can be converted to a toddler’s bed so that you can save the hassle of getting another bed when they outgrow the cot.


2. Bath Tub and Bath bath products

Handling a newborn during bath time can be quite stressful for new parents, so getting a contoured bathtub makes bath-time easier. Choose bath products that are free of parabens, phthalates and soap.


3. UV sterilizer

When babies are very small their tummies cannot flush out certain bacteria. The washing alone of used milk bottles and other utensils cannot remove all traces of bacteria. For this, a sterilizer is the answer — they safely disinfect baby’s bottles and other feeding utensils to get rid all forms of germs.  I highly recommend getting a UV sterilizer. Not only 100% safe and easy to use, it also helps to solves my storage problems and I can also sterilize other things like baby toys, utenils, toothbrush and the list goes on.


4. Baby wipes – prepare more of these as new-borns poo very often!


5. Diapers – newborn size (Note: Get a pack first as they outgrown the new born size quite fast).


6. Diaper Cream for nappy rashes

The common ones are Drapolene, Mustala and Desitin. If the rashes are bad, you could try Desitin for overnight relief as the effects last longer.


7. A few set of clothings (day wear and pyjamas), mittens and booties


8. Baby Carriers / Wraps


9. A diaper bag for all baby’s items!

Jujube is a very popular brand among US and Singaporean moms! If you’re not a fan of those cute Tokidoki prints, try Fawn Design from US.


10. Cotton buds

Make sure you get the thinner ones which is for newborn!




11. Facial cottons – to clean baby’s face


12. Small container for putting sterile water – for cleaning of baby’s delicate eyes


13. Baby detergent


Hope this serves as a check list for new parents. If I have left out any essentials, do share your views in the comment section below!

Esteemed Commentator

Are there such things as a medical bag for newborns? Like baby panadol or something for an upsset tummy.

Asking as a total noob because I'll have to babysit soon

Community Manager

Yes! Here's my list:


For Colic 

- RidWind

- Baby Ruyi Oil

- Gripe Water


For Fever

- Paracetamol


For Nose Congestion

- Sterimar Baby Nasal Hygiene Spray and use a Nasal Aspirator to ease nasal congestion.


There are very limited medications for newborn or baby under 6 months old in general. Always see a PD when unsure! Smiley Happy