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Mom's the Word

For parents, our children are the joy in our lives. Day in and out, work takes up the majority of our waking hours. But going back every day, to the familiar walls of home, where evenings are filled with chatter and laughter with our family, makes everything around us so much more meaningful. It's what i feel, bliss is all about. 


I brought my daughter, Rachael over to our StarHub office the other day, where we played a guessing game and shared our unique family bond and funny moments through an interview. Through the lenses of the camera, we hope we shared a glimpse of how we share our bond with one another. 


Happy Children's Day! Click on the video below to watch. 



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Some people go home at 6pm for their family

Some people go home after 6pm, also for their family

kudos to working mums and dads. You've made not just living for the family, but contributions to society regardless of positions and job titles make us proud.