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How To Pack Efficiently For Your Vacation This Holiday Season

Alumni (Retired)

It’s the holiday season again and with holidays, come overseas vacations, getaways and the like.


This also means lots of packing and sometimes our luggage(s) will end up looking like this especially if you’re packing last minute.


suitcase.jpgTaken from

But does it always have to be this way? I say it does not. If you’re a minimalist packer like me, then the best way to pack your luggage is to backpack.


Here are 3-steps to getting this done like a pro.


1) Decide How Big Your Backpack Is Going To Be


The colder/rougher the location, the bigger your backpack. There are huge backpacks that are 70L to 80L at about 64cm high. That’s nearly the size of your trolley luggage. (But let’s ignore that - we’re discussing how to backpack efficiently).


Likewise, a schoolbag-sized backpack is actually adequate if you’re heading to the beach. Literally. And I’ll show you why below.


2) Pack According To Your Period Of Travel


Official Disclaimer: I’ve never been to anywhere snowy before. The coolest place I’ve visited so far is Kyoto, Japan in end autumn. So this is a disclaimer for winter travel.


In any case, I usually pack from shoes and outerwear first. If I’m going somewhere that’s cold, I’ll set aside 1 multi-purpose jacket that’s a requirement. This can be carried on your arms or worn at the airport. Temperatures there are usually pretty cold too. Smiley Tongue


The next thing to do is to decide on your tops and this is really the easiest part. Divide the number of days you’ll be overseas by 2 and that’s the number of tops you’ll need. If you layer your clothes, you’ll have enough to wear even if you’re in 10 degree weather.


As for bottoms, divide the number of days you’ll be overseas by 3 and that’s the number of bottoms you’ll need.


Add in a token dress if you decide to go somewhere really nice and you’re done.


Now we’ve made the hard choices, here’s how you fold your clothes so everything is compacted into that backpack.



Need to waterproof your stuff? Pack your clothes inside plastic bags or ziplock bags and secure them tightly to waterproof them.


3) Deciding On The Extras


Most of us end up bringing stuff we actually don’t use with us when overseas. (I’m one of these people!) And we’ve all seen people pack laptops and not use them because our fellow passengers end up falling asleep once they’re in air/transport.


So if your phone has a great camera, then consider not bringing an extra camera with you.


If you’re bringing a tablet, there are excellent data-free games you can download and play on-the-go. How about catching up on some reading or watching movies as well?


Everyone travels differently; so I hope these tips have helped in getting your creative packing energy flowing!


Do you have more tips on how to pack your backpack efficiently? Share your ideas here!


- Amy
Esteemed Commentator

Great tip- I tend to overpack too many useless blouses and dresses that I'll never use anyway. 




Alumni (Retired)

I over pack too! Will try out some tips the next time I travel.