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Grooming 101 - clubpets Magazine

New Commentator

Heidi Chow is a professional pet cosmetologist since 2007. She has achieved Class “A” certification from the Grooming Competition organised by Singapore Kennel Club and is currently practising at Yappily Pets, which she co-founded. Heidi is often invited to do demonstrations and seminars.


Can I request for particular cuts or styles to be done to my dog?

You definitely can. Simply show your groomer the picture of the desired hair cut for your pet or discuss with your groomer on the style you want. Most professional groomers will be more than happy to assist and advise.


I’ve seen some of my friends’ pets with dyed fur. Is it advisable and will it damage my dog’s fur or harm his health if we do it?

There are products specially formulated to dye your pets’ fur. the Dye will be milder and will not harm the pet’s skin or coat. After the dyeing process, the groomer will apply a layer of conditioner to protect the fur.


Will grooming help my dog’s flea and tick problem?

Yes, the groomer will remove the fleas or ticks on your dog accordingly and apply a preventive treatment. However, it only constitutes 20 per cent of the treatment of your pet’s flea and tick problem while the other 80 per cent depends on you. You’d need to clean your dog’s living areas, bedding and toys to ensure its premises are free from ticks and fleas. Do brush your dog and wipe its feet after every walk, and check for any insects and foreign objects.

Cat and Dog

Can cats be sent for grooming too?

Cats should be sent for regular grooming as well. They need professional groomers to help remove excess oil, dirt and bacteria, improve the hairball problem, and reduce shedding, conduct ear and eye cleaning, nail clipping, and even a sanitary clip to enhance its well-being. The grooming process really differs in terms of the process and handling methods, although the end result is the same - a clean, nice smelling and happy cat.




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