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Five Ways My StarHub App Will Improve Your Life

Hub Master



Our cellphones are like our best friends – they go wherever we go, take records of our precious memories (photos), and even entertain us (games, music, videos).


But even the best and most loyal companions need to be taken care of. The My StarHub app makes your life easier – helping you keep track of your cellphone usage, and keeping your cellular plan at the optimum configuration to your needs.


Here are just some ways how the app can improve your life.


1. Be Rewarded, Anytime, Anywhere



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The My StarHub app allows you to check and redeem your reward points instantaneously. From competitive phone rates to lifestyle privileges, you’ll always be treated to new and surprising discoveries as long as you’re with StarHub.


On your birthday, get discounts and promotions at many wonderful dining and leisure options. Love to read, redeem E-books at booktique! All this and more for you to discover through your phone!



2. Instantly Know When You Can re-contract your mobile plan


Everything ages – even your phone will eventually show signs of wear and tear. With the My StarHub App, you can instantly check when your mobile plan is up for renewal, allowing you to upgrade to a swankier, more jazzier phone.


3. Never Lose Track Of Your Bills Again


If you’re like some of us, you’re constantly misplacing your bills and forms – who has time to be 100% organised these days anyway, am I right?


But with the My StarHub app, all your bills are available to you at the touch of a button, even those dating back three months ago! And guess what? You can even pay your cellphone bill the next time through your phone.


4. Never Be Accidentally Charged For More Than You Want




We understand that some of us might get carried away with our data usage at times. After all, sometimes we really need to see that 20 minute video that our friend posted on YouTube immediately!


But self-management is also important. That’s why the My StarHub app allows you to check your data usage so you’ll never worry about overshooting your limit again.


5. Know That Someone Will Always Be There For You




The My StarHub app is the perfect in-cell assistant for our users. But even though it is primarily a self-service app, help is always at hand if you need it at the StarHub Community tab.




Download it now via your smartphone to manage your services the easy way!


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