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Europe Trip

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northern lights.jpg Last year while planning for our wedding, my husband sat me down while I was flipping through my organizer checking if everything was in order, and told me, “let’s go catch the northern lights!”. Of course, it was a BIG YES for me as it has always been my dream to visit Europe. So I left my husband to do the planning while I tore my hair out making sure I didn't miss any details for the big day. Fast forward to 14 January 2017, we were glad that everything went as planned and we spent the following week getting ready to head to the north!


So, here’s my account of my trip to Denmark, Sweden and Netherlands.


Copenhagen - After a 13-hour flight on KLM, we arrived in Copenhagen in the evening. (I highly recommend KLM - delicious in-flight meal, up-to-date movies to binge watch on.) We lugged our luggage up 4 floors to our Airbnb as there was no elevator in our apartment! (Another tip: Backpack if you want to do a eurotrip, unless you want to drag your luggage on the cobbled stones like i did.) Our Airbnb was in the middle of town so it was easy for us to find food and explore the city. We spent 2 days in Copenhagen, visited Nyhavn, which was a port for sailors coming in to Copenhagen in the olden days, visited Rosenborg Castle and went shopping on Strøget.


NyhavnNyhavnAlong the street in CopenhagenAlong the street in CopenhagenRosenborg CastleRosenborg Castle

Malmo/Gothenburg - We left our hearts in Copenhagen and made our way to Nordens Ark, a zoo located in Bohuslän, which is on the outskirts of Gothenburg. The interesting thing about Nordens Ark is that you can stay at the hotel that was located right in front of the zoo and you can enter the zoo for free, which was what we did! The animals in the zoo were in their natural habitat and you could really get very up close with animals like Siberian Tiger (largest cat in the world), the Snow Leopard (endangered) and Amurleopard (most endangered cat).


Nordens Ark HotelNordens Ark HotelIn the zooIn the zooAmurleopardAmurleopard

Stockholm/Kiruna – We left the zoo and hopped on the Artic Circle train to Kiruna. We bought first class tickets so we got a cabin to ourselves! (Overnight first-class pass on SJ Train costs 3,134 SEK for 2 pax.)


It was such a breathtaking sight as the scenery transitioned from high rise buildings to snow covered mountain.


Photo taken by the window in the trainPhoto taken by the window in the train

The 16-hour train ride was such an adventure as it was my first overnight sleeper train experience and I tasted reindeer meat for the first time!


We booked ourselves a small and cosy apartment called Katterjokk Apartments, and the best thing was, we caught the northern lights right outside our window! We spent the next day dog-sledding and skiing (or skidding down the slopes as I'm not really good at it). 


Didn't take pictures of me falling in action but this was the view we got to enjoy at Bjorkliden  



And that's me, walking back to our apartment, half hoping the day won't end so soon as we had to leave the next day. Smiley Sad




So with that, I sum up my short and sweet account of my trip. 



Which parts of Europe have you visited? Share your adventures with me.Smiley Happy 

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*All photos were taken on iPhone 7plus and 6s. #nofilter