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Contraception 101 - Blissful Brides Magazine

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Pregnancy prevention products have grown in both number and advancement in modern times. Let this list be your starting guide for choosing the right one.





The average woman in Singapore may not know much beyond the basic condom, patch and pill when it comes to contraceptives. In reality, there are numerable options accessible to sexually active couples seeking to prevent unwanted pregnancies – each with its own unique package of pros and cons. With the exception of condoms (and cervical caps, albeit to a certain extent that is hardly substantial), it is vital to be aware that contraception devices offer no protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Furthermore, contraceptives are never foolproof as they are subject to human errors such as foregoing due applications.


Barrier Methods

As its name implies, barrier contraceptives work by forming a physical wall that blocks off the sperm’s route to the egg. The one we are most likely to be familiar with is the condom, which is designed for both male and female usage.



Made from soft latex and silicone, this is a small dome-shaped object with a malleable rim that is meant to be inserted into the **bleep**. It is obligatory to use it with spermicide, a sperm-elimination solution that comes in creams or gels. Due to its small size, it is convenient to carry around in your bag, and is generally comfortable and cannot be felt during sex. However, some may find it tricky to insert, worry about its “flimsiness” (it can be accidentally pushed out of place thought that very rarely occurs) or experience vaginal irritation.


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Looking to find out more about contraceptives? Head on to Blissful Brides to read the full article!


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