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Blissful Brides: CHAMPAGNE… With a side of dessert

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Sparkling wine isn’t just for toasting. You can enjoy it with some sweet decadence.


How best to inspire a happy mood during your most important day? Simply let the champagne bubbles fly. The fizz that tickles the nose and spirits is traditional for the wedding toast, and synonymous with celebration. With this in mind, we have paired an eclectic selection of sweets to go with the wine.


Good champagne is both bracing and refreshing, with elements of crisp fruit and vanilla that taste wonderful in sweet things. That’s why these recommendations are designed to let the flavour of the bubbly shine through.


Classic Champagne Cocktail

Begin the party with a time-honoured favourite: champagne flavoured with a bitters-soaked sugar cube and a dash of Cognac. Bitters are an alcoholic flavouring made with herbs, spices, roots, and citrus peel, popular in traditional cocktails. 


Chocolate Truffles




Champagne and cognac are famously delicious ingredients in this decadent, classic sweet. Truffles are easily made from a dense ganache – dark chocolate melted in hot heavy cream, with the wine and spirit added in for flavour. They are formed by hand when the mixture cools and solidifies. For an additional dose of decadence, roll them in glittering sanding sugar.


Peach Rose-Champagne Sorbet

Peach Rose-Champagne Sorbet


A sorbet course before the cake provides an icy, ultra-light transition to much richer delights. Opt for sorbet that is made with poached peaches and blush off-dry (slightly sweet) champagne.


Sabayon And Raspberries

Sabayon And Raspberries



Egg yolks, sugar and champagne are whisked together over gentle heat to create a sabayon, the most basic of custards. While some of the alcohol in the wine cooks off, the flavour remains in the heady foam. Sabayon is often served alone or as a sauce over fresh berries.


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