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Back to School

Alumni (Retired)

Hi Everyone!


How has 2018 been treating you so far?


Like many other parents out there, the start of 2018 brought with it the start of the school year. For my daughter, it was her first day in pre-nursery and I have been filled with a mixture of emotions during the lead up to it, as well as the past 2 days of it.


Being my first child, I usually find myself uncertain if the decisions I make for her are the right ones. When she was in full day child care, she was sick non-stop for months until we pulled her out. This new school was picked with the belief and hope that this environment will be better for her health and overall development.


During the first day, I could accompany her throughout and felt very happy to watch her enjoying the songs and dancing, as well as the various toys and activities available to her and her new peers. This definitely brought me some relief.


However, waking up while it’s still dark outside is no easy feat. I have gained new found respect to those who do so every day. How do you last the day?!


I hope the next few weeks of transition will be smooth and that she’ll get more comfortable being away from her parents.


How was everyone else’s back to school experience?


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