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7 Types of People You Will Find at the COMEX show

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1. The Chiongster


The Chiongster 

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They’ll be the ones queueing to get in before doors open to the public. The enthusiastic attendees will be seen taking leave on the first day of the COMEX show so that they can shop at their own pace and get first dibs on the best deals.

2. The Bargain Hunter


The Bargain Hunter

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Armed with a notepad to compare prices of the chosen item, the bargain hunter will make notes of the prices (and the accompanying freebies) at the various booths selling it – till he finds The (Cheapest) One. You may also find them staying till the last few hours of the COMEX show to snag the ultimate deal at booths trying to clear their stocks.

3. The Bored Girlfriend


The Bored Girlfriend

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Girlfriends dragged by their male counterparts to their gadget hunt will be a common sight. The girlfriends’ irritation at the crowd and the gadgets that they wouldn’t even give two hoots about, is just payback for all the times that boyfriends were dragged by their girlfriends on their shopping mall sprees.

4. The Tech Geek


The Tech Geek

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Can be found oohing and aahing over the latest new gadgets and fervently testing them out. Sometimes known as the “otaku”.

5. Freebie Grubber


Frebbie Grubber

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This species can be the most easily spotted. Usually accompanied by a trolley or a large bag to stash all their hard-earned freebies in. Stay away to avoid being knocked into by their haul.

6. Hyperactive Kids


Hyperactive kids

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Just when you thought the crowd couldn’t get any more unbearable, you may find yourself occasionally bumping into kids screaming and dashing around convention hall. Be sure to exercise some quick reflexes.

7. The Amateur Photographer


 Amateur Photographer

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It’s not uncommon to see the ones who are there, just to soak up the buzz of it all. One of them would be the amateur photographer – probably using the DSLR camera that he purchased during the last COMEX show. They will be busy photographing the crowd… or the COMEX babes… or themselves with the COMEX babes.


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