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5 Things To Give Thanks For When My Dad Had Stroke

Community Manager

My dad had his second stroke recently at the tender age of 56 and to be honest, it wasn't a surprise as we already knew a second one was coming sooner or later after his first one about five years back.


But he'd been managing his health and eating habits so much better so it was delegated to the back of our minds. When it hit though, it hit badly. My dad, physically fitter than many men at his age, vomitted uncontrollably for about 5 hours until I got home at 2200hrs because he refused to listen to my mom who tried to take him to a doctor throughout the night.


After we got the paramedics to send him to the hospital and the diagnosis finally came out, the aftercare issue became far more pressing and immediate. There was so much to do and so little time to do it.

This is an article to thank the people who have chipped in to help me in so many ways throughout this family crisis.


5) The Emergency Response (SCDF) Team


Thank you for coming to my aid within 30 minutes of my call and for making that follow up call to get my dad into Ng Teng Fong Hospital. He could have been worse off without your speedy assistance.

It might have been an everyday job for you but it meant the world to me. Thank you all.


4) Medical Social Services of JurongHealth


Thank you for working with us on the finances during my dad's hospitalisation and helping us with the aftercare following his discharge. It meant a lot that we had someone to call directly to ask about all of this. The paperwork we would have to go through alone without you guys would have been crushing.


3) My Colleagues


Thank you for being so patient and understanding in this time of stress. For bringing me cake when I got stressed out. For offering to help me look for care options or aid if I needed it. For allowing me to an option to do my work from home and for allowing me to leave early when I required it.


2) Family Members


Mom - Thanks for being an A Star in putting up with Dad's demands (and those were plenty) throughout his stay and now at home. We really don't deserve you and words cannot describe the lengths you were pulled and put through. 


Baby Brother - Thanks for taking things in stride and taking so much no-pay leave just to close Dad's business. We really couldn't have dealt with that end of things without you.


Thank you also to all my aunties, uncles and cousins who came down constantly to visit my dad during this time. He does need extended TLC *cough* nagging *cough* to push him out of his depression and get him going.


1) And Finally, To The Medical Staff At Ng Teng Fong Hospital Ward B5, B6 & Jurong Community Hospital Ward C7


Thank you for putting up with my dad. Believe me when I do say he can be difficult and heading a ward of 6 to 12 patients at a time is not easy for anyone.


Thank you for taking the no-nonsense approach with him. His depression was only temporary and your words helped spur his desire to get home.


Thank you mostly for taking such good care of him. For paying attention to his needs and always keeping us updated the moment we arrive every night.


Your expertise proves that nurses are just as important (if not more so, as we see you all more frequently) as doctors or any other healthcare providers. You truly care for your patients and it shows. Thank you.


- Amy