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5 Smart Ways to Pass Time

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1. Read an e-book



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What better way to kill time than with knowledge? If you’ve always complained about the bulk of carrying a physical book, you have no excuses now with plenty of e-reading apps! Simply download an e-book and turn those idle hours into knowledge-seeking ones!


2. Watch an online tutorial to develop a new skill!



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If you just aren’t that into reading, watch some online tutorials to pick up that skill you’ve been meaning to learn, but told yourself you were too busy for!


3. Catch up on your latest shows!




Find yourself streaming shows while on the go and exceeding your data? Get unlimited streaming of your favourite shows at from just $0.99/month with StarHub Go. Find out more here.


4. Research on that new phone you’re thinking of getting



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Reading up online for the new gadget that you want to get can be a tedious affair, so the best time to do it is when you have pockets of free time while stuck in queues!


5. Get all your shopping done online!



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Shop from multiple online stores at the same time – all at the touch of your fingertips. Get your new mobile phone from the StarHub Online Store (psst, you’ll get free delivery even!) and new dress from ASOS at the same time! Plus, you’ll have it delivered straight to your doorstep. You can multi-task, save time, and get MORE shopping done! What’s not to like?


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We can read ebooks, watch online tutorials to learn new skills, catch up on latest shows, research on new mobile phones and shop online; all during our free time!

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