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5 Japanese Game Shows So Crazy You'll Have To See To Believe

Hub Master

Japanese game shows have gained a reputation worldwide for being “crazy, wacky, weird, insane” - and most importantly utterly, utterly entertaining.


Every once in a while, some Japanese TV producer comes up with an game show so creative that it instantly gains notoriety worldwide.


Here’s just a mere glimpse at some of the craziness that they get up to…..


  1. Gaki no Tsukai - (translated: This Is No Task For Kids!)

One of Japan’s famous game shows, Gaki no Tsukai has been around since the 1980s and has over 1200 episode till date.


One of the most popular segments of Gaki no Tsukai is the Batsu Game (“Punishment Game”) where contestants are subjected to embarrassing actions upon losing a challenge. The “No-Laughing” Batsu game for instance places contestants in awkward and ridiculous situations for 24 hours and they must refrain from laughing or be severely punished.



Gaki no Tsukai is also responsible for the Silent Library segment, which has been a game show in its own right in the US. We’ll let you watch a video of the American version to get an understanding of the show



  1. Tonneruzu no Minasan no Okage deshita

Human Tetris or Hole in the Wall, named for its involvement of the physical body and a supposed close resemblance to the rules of the video game Tetris is a famous segment of this show.


The programme is so well loved that the production rights to the show outside of Japan is owned by FremantleMedia and the program has been produced in 45 countries!



  1. Candy Or Not Candy?

Can you tell Chocolate from furniture? It’s actually harder than you think thanks to the Japanese art of “sokkuri sweets” in which cakes and other confectionary are meticulously crafted to look like regular items.


In the game, contestants are challenged to bite down on “door handles”, “tables” and even “shoes” to see whether the item is real or chocolate.


The fun of course comes from the reaction of the contestant, which ranges from either horrified, because it's not chocolate, or soooo happy, because it is chocolate.



  1. Dero! (translated: Escape!)

In Dero!, contestants must solve difficult puzzles while in extremely high-pressure “life-threatening” (simulated of course…) situations.


Can you solve a brain teaser while the room you’re in is quickly filling up with water? Or how about trying to unlock a puzzle when the floor below you is collapsing into a bottomless pit? It’s definitely not easy as displayed by this clip:



  1. The Noise

Produced by Fuji TV, the creators of another popular game show Hole In The Wall, The Noise challenges contestants to perform a series of tasks without making a sound. From walking on hot coals to opening a can of soda, teams of friends have to perform tasks in total silence because any noise will end their journey to the cash prize.




A local version of The Noise to be known as Silence! will be premiering on StarHub, E City Ch 111/ 825 on 21 October , 8pm. Hosted by Adrian Pang and Michelle Chia, watch as Singaporeans take on the Silent challenge. 




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