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5 Alternative Gift Ideas For Christmas

Alumni (Retired)

The holiday season is gearing up and with presents, come expenses. But does it always have to count as one of the most expensive times of the year?


Here are 5 low cost alternatives to gifting this year.


1) Gift Your Time


Ok, it's really not that cheap of a gift as it sounds. Singaporeans are busy people and we guard our time viciously. The gift of your time can actually be one of the most helpful gifts you can give. Babysitting for a friend or family member might not even feel like much work to you, but the recipient of this favor will surely appreciate your help.


Here's an coupon example for couples to get you started! 


Love CouponsLove Coupons


2) Make Or Bake




Crafty or not, you can make a variety or relatively simple homemade items to give as gifts and the possibilities on WikiHow are endless. 


Making items homemade can be much more cost effective versus buying a gift for everyone. They just take a little more time, so remember to start in advance.


3) Give Household Items


Sure, household items might not be the most meaningful gift, but they rank high in usefulness and simplicity. And household gifts have come a very long way since our parents’ time.





If you’re a practical person and knows your gift will be used, go straight on ahead.


Psst! To make it seem a little more special, you can wrap it up into a gift basket to give to the recipient.


4) Host A Potluck Dinner


Everyone forgoes gifts and brings a dish to the dinner party instead. This may not be for everyone, but it is a fun and very affordable way to celebrate a family Christmas.


5) Experiences and/or Lessons


This might sound slightly pricier but it doesn’t have to be. Carousell is a great app/website and there are quite a variety of vouchers for experiences and lessons that won’t burn a whole in your pocket.



Well, that’s all I’ve to offer. Hope this helps with any gifting headaches you may have!

- Amy
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Esteemed Commentator

I'm a big fan of the coupons for "gifting my time" idea. Nice ideas Amy!