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24 thoughts you have when you're at the COMEX Show

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1. Wow. There are so many people even before we enter the fair.


2. Well, everybody’s here to snag a good deal too – I must not lose out!


3. So excited to check out the latest DSLR camera!


4. Let me check if I’m ready for battle. Waterbottle, check. Notebook, check. Calculator, check. Bring it on, COMEX!


5. I think this place more crowded than Zouk.


6. But nothing will get in the way of me and those bargains!




7. Are those headphones on sale?! I have 7 headphones and earphones already… 1 more won’t hurt, right?


8. Never mind, I’ll walk around. Maybe I will find a better deal later on.


9. But… How to walk around? I can even hardly move in this crowd!


10. Ah! The headphones here are $10 cheaper than the ones just now. LET ME GET THROUGH TO THE BOOTH!

11. Wow! The sound quality is about the same as the ones I got last week, but way sleeker and better-looking! OK, BUY!


12. Ahhhh all the kids running about. Where are their parents?! STOP THEM!




13. Bargains here, there, everywhere! I’ll think it’ll take me two days to see everything.

14. ARGH! Stop pushing me! I have no space to move too!!


15. OMG! What a cute mascot! Maybe I should take a picture with it.




16. Hey hold on… Is that a fibre broadband and cable TV package which will allow me to watch free sports channels for 6 months? I’ll finally be able to watch the Champions League in the comfort of my own home!

17. Ok, I’m going to sign up now!


18. Ah! It’s that cute mascot again. Let me get through to it!


19. But there’s such a long queue waiting to take pictures with it…


20. Forget it, let’s get out of here.


21. Can’t wait to get home ASAP to try my new video games out!


22. I think I forgot something… What is it?


23. Oh right! I need to text Tom and James to let them know about the games sale. Good things must share!


24. Wait… I didn’t get my camera. I think I’ll come back tomorrow…
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