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10 Travel-Inspired Décor Ideas for Your Home

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Don’t let staying at home stop you from seeing the world! Here are 10 ways you can satisfy your wanderlust in the comforts of your home as you wait for your next family holiday!


1. Create a travel memento board with an empty photo frame. Stick on your favorite photos from your trip, bus tickets, maps, and the list goes on!


memento board



2. Get a scratch world map and uncover all the cities you have explored.


scratch world map



3. These hand-painted globes will make the perfect desk accessory.


hand-painted globes



4. Not quite artistic enough to make your own travel board? Make a travel wall gallery instead!


travel wall



5. For those who like a drink or two, collect shot glasses from every city you’ve visited!


shot glass



6. This enormous world map will remind you of all the places you’ve yet to explore.


world map



7. Upgrade your typical magnet travel souvenir with these Bottle Cap Map-nets





8. Those who are into typography will love this minimalist world map!





9. Go to sleep lying on top of the world with these bed sheets!





10. Start a mason jar travel fund for your next getaway.


mason jar


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This is so inspiring! Will definitely pick these type of stuffs while travelling. Perfect for home decor. Thanks for sharing! Regards, Pickahome

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WOW! What a creativity! I like the mason jar & wall gallery as the most creative ideas for home decor. Thanks for sharing the post! Mindmysearch

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I found travel memento board much classy. Thanks for sharing the fun ideas! CBSE Guide

Valued Commentator

This decorate way is awesome, it makes the house become more unique. Thanks for sharing these 10 tips, I will try to apply them to my house.
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Wow! Shot glasses are simply classy for those who are very fond of drinking & so i am! I will pick these for sure! Thanks :-) Payment Gateway

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After each trip, I also had some experience when designing my house as follows

Natural as at home

Pay attention to details


Culinary inspiration

Tourist handbook

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