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temporary disable data using mystarhub apps

I would like to suggest a disable data function on mystarhub apps like those in mysingtel. Its good when my kids or myself data usage is near the limit and we wish to disable data temporary.
Alumni (Retired)

disable it thru the phone lo

Esteemed Commentator

I think I did not make it clear. Its to disable my kids data when it going to hit limit. Mysingtel have this function.

Esteemed Commentator

This way they will not be able to on back the data till the next cycle.

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You try to gather 20 likes and StarHub will give this idea a thought

New Commentator

Brilliant idea. Is there a function in Starhub mobile where you can remotely disable the data in your kids' phone? He who holds the key to data, holds the key to the kids doing their chores, homework etc. 

New Commentator

@novben I'm with you on this. Seems it's only available by subscription service juniorprotect 

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Me too, because the phone is my wife using, sometime she used exceed the data but did not aware, I install the mystarhub app on my phone and would like to have this remotely disable Data Roaming function allowed to me blocked data usage on server when it nearly reach the limitation.