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Viewing of incoming and outgoing calls record

It will be good if we are able to view our incoming and outgoing call records on my starhub app or account manager. This way, it will be easier for us to tally our usage with what you tracked for your billing. 

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When I press that they only show the data usage!Smiley Sad Are you using android or apple? Thanks anyway!Smiley Happy @eric3743

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Oh. That why the screen is different.


Then you may have to wait as what  @razerpro mentioned.


If you do have another non iPhone, you can download this My Starhub app  and check.


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I guess I will have to wait... thanks! @eric3743

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@Ameliaxxng, the iOS version is being worked on and we are targetting to update MyStarHub App by end of this year that will allow you to see Local Calls and SMS details.



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This was really great. The apps is useful to track our phone call and data usage. i like the GUI very much !

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Good job Starhub ! The changes are very useful

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Dear all, 


We are pleased to announce that the iOS version of MyStarHub has been updated with the following new changes being implemented.


- Keep track of your local/roaming data, outgoing minutes, SMS and MMS usage.
- Book an eAppointment before visiting our shop for a more pleasant experience.
- Track your daily data spend and manage your data roaming usage for total piece of mind.
- Visit our Online Store now for best deals!


Simply visit App Store to update your current MyStarHub to enjoy the above new feature.


Thank you

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Status changed to: Implemented

Please be advised that the requested features has been implemented for MyStarHub for both Android and iOS version.


To enjoy this new feature, simply update MyStarHub App via Google Play Store or App Store.


Thank you for all your patience. 



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Nice one I have also faced this problem with my iPhone when I download the unauthorized application on my iPhone it's going to be locked regarding this I talked to the Apple Application Support team but I have still faced a problem.

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Hi Support Team,


Thanking you for the feature for track incoming and outgoing calls.


  • Currently its shows the total call summary count but its one day delayed information. Please allow us to see the real time call summary count like singtel app.