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StarHub Go

I think Starhub Go is a great product and it can be even better if an app can be created for the Apple TV or Chromecast for that matter. This way viewers are not confined to laptops or other devices but have freedom to watch programmes on bigger screens. NetFlix is available on Apple TV and Chromecast and their inclusion has widen their popularity to a great extent. The idea of viewing on demand is fast catching on and Starhub Go is an ideal vehicle to move forward.


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I don't understand what you mean by having an apps for using Apple TV &or Chromecast.

Both are hardware, in other word, device to delivery streaming.


Maybe you are not aware by using smartphone, you can do streaming to your TV.

A smartphone is smart but not many are using streaming via smartphone.

When i bought Samsung Galaxy S5, it comes with a battery pack + HDTV (HDMI).

Using this HDTV, streaming is possible, even without any other devices.


This simple HDTV is something in similar to Apple TV and may be also for Chromecast.

"Apple TV is an HDMI-compliant source device"  quote from wikipedia.

Chromecast; "Users select the media to play using mobile apps" quote from wikipedia.



Netflix is totally a different matter.

Netflix is Content Provider and this is their core services.

But it has to use ISP (eg Starhub /Singtel) to do streaming thru network.

ISP core services is on network access.

I had signed up for Netflix, but after 1 month trial, i cancelled it.

Netflix using local ISP do have restriction due to copyrights laws.

Meaning in using previous DVD Region, Singapore is Region 3, hence there is some limit.




In conclusion.

There are many ways to do streaming and watch the Shows in Big Wide Screen.

It is just that there are no articles with regard to this subject, streaming apps.



This is my view and i am not expert in this area.

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is starhub go down? 

Unable to purchase the starhubgo pack. When I clicked the Go Packs, it said: 


An Error Has Occured

Sorry, we are having problems processing your request. Please try again. 


Unable to access since yesterday. 

Grand Guru

Hi  @Mohan San


This is a "Ideas" thread, as you have to post or start a new thread,

on your case.


Anyway, submit your request as stated below.


Do send your subscriber details via
by clicking on 'Ask an Account Related Question'
and including your StarHub Community user name,
so that the customer support can check on this accordingly.



Pls do not include your personal details here, as this is an open forum.




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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I agree with KMan. I have been wondering if Starhub will ever make an Apple TV app to make Starhub Go accessible on the streaming box. But seeing as Starhub removed all traces of their app on smart TVs (which I was really disappointed), I'm not hopeful. 


Currently, whether iOS or Android, you can't Airplay or cast your Starehub Go playback on TV. For android, you don't see the Chromecast icon appear. Yes, I know you can mirror your Android screen, but that's hardly a clean solution. And why am I using 2 devices to stream when it can actually be done on the box?


For comparison, Toggle is already Airplay and Chromecast enabled. Just my 2 cents worth.

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Agree. Singtel TV has apple tv app. I just need the Airplay support. But if a starhub apple tv app is possible, thats wonderful.