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Service to convert existing home phone line to LAN point

IDA has confirmed owner are allowed to convert their home phone line to data point, so why not provide this as a service instead of laying new LAN point?


Of course LAN point is preferred, but many home owners are reluctant to do this due to home reno/decor/aesthetic


Of course, owner need to be clearly brief that speed could potentially be bottlenecked by the phone line quality esp older units, but then again older units would generally have exposed wiring (HDB at least) which make laying new LAN point easy. The newer home would have better quality phone lines, perhaps cat 5E or even cat 6 preinstalled.


Turnaround time & cost would be much lesser...


New HDB flats since a couple of years ago already have Cat 5E cables wired in place of 2-wire telephone cables. In more recent years, they have been using Cat 6. 


I just bought a new HDB and had just moved in June. I had my electrician convert all telephone points (even the one in the bomb shelter) into data points. 


I surveyed a few neighbours in my new estate and found that several of those young couples have done the same after getting advice. However, those staying with parents can't seem to adopt this as their aged parents need to have physical landlines. 


I left the telephone point in my living room intact as there's already an existing data point there. I use a DECT phone plugged into that telephone point (which is linked internally to my distribution box anyway) and it connects to the ONT for my StarHub Fibre. 


So in conclusion, I think the conversion of cat5e/cat6 RJ11 points to RJ45 is a personal choice and there's really nothing stopping home owners from going ahead with these changes. 

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Thanks for your feedback!
Home Networking Expert

Not exactly true. Unless one is savvy to read, most doesn't know they can actually convert their phone line to use for data. So if the ISP can provide this option (instead of just laying new point), then I'm sure the owners can make an informed choice.


Then again, most would just prefer to have one 'installer' doing everything rather than separately sourcing for a contractor (and not easy to find one that charge reasonably), and when the ISP installer arrive started blaming the quality of the other contractor... Smiley Happy