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Opportunity to dine with CEO or Senior Management

Will there be opportunity for StarHub Community members to dine with the CEO or Senior Management?


It will be nice if they is a way for us to meet and interact with them. 

Grand Guru

Interesting and good idea.


Honored Contributor

Volunteer to makan but what's the date and place? Need to pay or paid by starhub?? Hehe 

Respected Advocate

Haha, you know starhub won't float up this idea until we get 20 votes! 

Alumni (Retired)
Everyone. Let's get this vote up!!!

Honored Contributor

Advertise free in Facebook event or set up page can get more results. And in FB starhub message.

Alumni (Retired)

 @Eflw Steady. Let's get it going. You starting the FB event?

Honored Contributor

Roughly which month? Which place? I can set up FB event. 

Honored Contributor
Alumni (Retired)
The Ideas Exchange here doesn't work this way. You need to get people to vote this idea up first. Once there are at least 20 likes, this idea will then be considered by the team.

So you should delete the event from Facebook and start sharing about this idea instead.

Honored Contributor

Then take long long, dan gu gu lah!