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Use two Optical Termination Points

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Use two Optical Termination Points

My home consist of 2 connected HDB units, each with an OTP.

With the incoming force to change to Fiber TV theres the problem of the TV being too far from the OTP in use.


Is it possible to use the second OTP in the other unit just for Fiber TV and phone line?

Install a second ONT at that OTP for those 2 services.


The fiber broadband will be at the first OTP where the router and ethernet cables are.

Cannot move them.


Trunking seem too far as its from one unit to another.

The MOCA thing, does it go from one HDB unit to another like are the coaxial cables connected?


The easiest solution to me is to use the second OTP so I want to know is it possible.



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Re: Use two Optical Termination Points

Hi, please PM us the subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address, service addres and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, we’ll arrange for assistance. 

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Re: Use two Optical Termination Points

Can we just talk on this forum thread?



Anyway I found out about the EOCC thing.

There is a coaxial point near the OTP in use in bedroom.

The room is in one unit and the connection goes straight out to the HDB corridor.
The ending coaxial point come in from the HDB corridor to the bedroom in the second unit.

Like that can use EOCC?
The coaxial path is not in my home but the start and end points is 'connected' via the shared main line in the HDB corridor.

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Re: Use two Optical Termination Points

Hi blandlife, you may fill in your particulars at so that our sales team will contact you with regards to Fibre TV. Thank you 

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