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Upgrading to Fibre TV with only 1 ethernet port

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Upgrading to Fibre TV with only 1 ethernet port

I am currently using the Starhub cable tv (homehub) with Starhub Fibre broadband. My contract has long ended and I have been called up by Starhub's Customer service for recontracting. I am keen to recontract, but I have an issue with the ethernet port. My Fibre TP and ONT is very far from my TV. Right now, I have my wireless router (currently located next to my TV) connected to the ONT by a ethernet cable that I have layed in the wall during renovations. There is no way to add another ethernet point for the fibre TV, neither is there ways to shift the TP or ONT. (My wireless router cannot be shifted to the ONT area as I do not have enough coverage if I shifted it)
I have read that it is possible to use 1 ethernet cabling and use 2 smartswitch for this scenario. I am no networking guru and really have no idea how it is supposed to be setup. Is there any guide on this?
I have been called up by the Customer service to ask me to recontract for at least 5-6 times. But, everytime I inform them of my problem, they will always tell me that they will check with the technicians and get back. But after more than 8 months of wait, seems like no one is getting back to me. 

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Re: Upgrading to Fibre TV with only 1 ethernet port

You can refer to other thread for some ideas on connecting the IPTV.


"SInce IPTV required wired connected between the ONT Port-2 and IPTV STB (Set Top box)", so no worries on the ethernet port.

You just need to worry about another long ethernet cable to the STB.



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Re: Upgrading to Fibre TV with only 1 ethernet port

Hi zanntan


Apologies for the late response and thank you for contacting us. 


With regards to a switch from cable to fibre, kindly contact our corresponding team that handles this at, for them to advise you on this. Hope this helps, thank you.


- Jackson