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Unclear Contract terms resulting in extra charges

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Unclear Contract terms resulting in extra charges

I signed up online for HomeHub 1000 about a year ago, wanting to get the Google Wifi pack at $15/mth.


I've been paying the bills as per normal until it came to my attention recently that I actually have been charged another $15/mth for the past year for a 32GB Ipad that I never did redeem or even had the intention of buying in the very first place.


I checked the original store order confirmation email that was sent to me. And it showed only ONE recurring $15/mth monthly charge, which I had assumed would just be for the Google Wifi. This is why I did not bother to check further. 


The order confirmation email only showed the monthly charges applicable during the first six months promotion period but did not show the normal charges that would apply thereafter. This surely is deceptive.


And because the order confirmation email was presented in this manner, I ended up paying an additional $15/mth for an Ipad that I did not even get. And even if i could still redeem the ipad now, it would be for an outdated version.


Yes, caveat emptor. But the presentation of the order confirmation email is deceptive. Is there anyone in Starhub who can resolve this before i seek other remedies.

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Re: Unclear Contract terms resulting in extra charges

Hi HowardBeale


Thank you for writing to us with your concerns. Have your queries been attended?


Please reply with your registered name, service address and Hub ID / email address for verification by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < and we'll assist you from there. 


- Amy
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Re: Unclear Contract terms resulting in extra charges

Bringing this up just in case it is relevant for anyone else considering a starhub contract.

All i have received so far is a promise of a reply