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Terrible experience with Tom from customer service

Honored Commentator

Terrible experience with Tom from customer service

Recently I recontract my Starhub plan to a 4 in 1 bundle plan which comes with a fibre broadband / tv entertainment pass/ 1gb SIM card / home phone line. Initially I though there was subscription fees to the home phone line but actually it was only a activation charge of 20 dollars.

I was not given the home phone line and I called in to request a callback regarding to this. Your customer service Tom took my call on the 28th May 2019. He does not understand my request and the call was a disappointing and terrible experience. I have called in a few times after that call as I have not recieved any call back  pertaining to my request . The other customers service keep insisting that Tom has submitted the request. This evening I purportly called the technical home phone line side for assistance. Johnny attended to me and he explained to me that the customer service Tom has submitted a wrong request for a hard phone instead of the home phone line which caused a confusion and that is the reason why I did not recieved a callback!! This is terrible ! Even your technical side who isn’t handling customer requests understand my concerns , why does your staff Tom from customer service could not even understand a simple request especially he is from customer service side. Starhub should fire such staff who brings down the company reputation! Completely distasteful and ridiculous staff !!!

Community Manager

Re: Terrible experience with Tom from customer service

Hi limcs, please elaborate on your issue and PM us the subscriber name, service address and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, so that we may better assist.