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Terminating of HomeHub 1000 (Fibre)

Community Manager

Re: Terminating of HomeHub 1000 (Fibre)

Hi ksneo


Are you enquiring about the Fibre Disconnection fee? If so, this is not a termination charge. It's a fee payable for the disconnection of Fibre services. 


You can check out the list of charges at 


- Amy
Valued Advisor

Re: Terminating of HomeHub 1000 (Fibre)

Amy, no matter what we still need to pay for terminate the service which is very odd especially after we have use the service for at least 24 months.  Sure Starhub can build in this fee within the monthly fee if this is absolutely necessary.


Are you trying to punish us for terminating the service? 


And by listing the fee, you deem Starhub is being transparent?


Lucky, Starhub doesn't ask us to pay for Fibre Service Cancellation Charge of $235.40 which I have no idea what it is and how it differs from Fibre Service Disconnection Fee. 

Valued Commentator

Re: Terminating of HomeHub 1000 (Fibre)

I am asking why we needed to pay for this whatever Fibre Disconnection nor termination charge when we had completed the 24 month contract with Starhub. Previously I was with Singtel when I switch to Starhub 2 years ago after my contract with them I remember they didn't charge us anything.Anyway 2019 will be my last payment to Starhub. Thanks for reply & happy New Year!!   

Community Manager

Re: Terminating of HomeHub 1000 (Fibre)

I see. The Fibre Disconnection fee is required to turn off Fibre services when termination is requested. However, we note your concerns on this fee and will share your feedback with the team.


- Amy