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Technical knowledge of Sales personnel

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Technical knowledge of Sales personnel

 I recently recontracted for HomeHub 1000 and wanted to upgrade from cable tv to fibre tv. The sales consultant advised me not to change my setup box (from GX-SH530CF to  GX-SH435EH).  He said that the SH530 was capable of supporting fibre tv and that if switched setup boxes i would lose all the recorded programmes on my WD My Passport hard drive.

A day before the technician was due to arrive for activation of Homehub 1000, I was surfing the starhub website on fibre tv and found out that i needed to change my setup box from 530 to 435. I called the sales hotline again and spoke to a different salesperson who confirmed that i would need to change setup boxes and that i would lose all my recorded programmes.

As I did not have much confidence left in the technical knowledge of Starhub sales personnel, I called technical support to confirm if i would lose my recordings if i changed setup boxes. I was reassured that my recordings would remain intact even if i switched setup boxes.

The next day the technician arrived and confirmed that my recordings would be erased.

I am surprised that Starhub do not train all their sales and technical support personnel to the same level of competence.

I wrote to Customer service about this immediately but it has been almost a month and have not received any reply.    

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Re: Technical knowledge of Sales personnel

If you are using the any Samsung Set-Top box, there should not be any issue.

That is if you are recording using an External WD Passport Ultra 1TB or so.


In the Set-Top box, it allow you to Safely Remove the Ext HDD and reinsert Ext HDD, as stated in the manuals:

>> Set-Top box manuals

Since it is that you can use any Samsung Set-Top box to watch your recorded videos in Ext HDD.

BUT do note not to FORMAT again as this may erase all your recorded shows in the Ext HDD.

There may be a need to have recording features for IPTV Set-Top box, if any.


What more it is cheaper for IPTV Set-Top box as it cost $6.42 and Recording feature $4.28 = $10.80

As compare to $14.98 for cable Set-Top box, all pricing without Hub discounts of 10%, if any.

There is no issue as no SmartCard is required as it rely on direct connection via fibre ONT.


This is mentioned in this forum before as it allow to use another Samsung Set-Top box to watch.

Will post if can find that thread on this matter.


i am not starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Technical knowledge of Sales personnel

I'm sorry to hear about the experience you had and that all your recordings have been erased, @pbj1985 . You mentioned that you have written in to Customer Service. Was it via email? If it is, please PM me your email address and I'll highlight it to the relevant team. - Sofia