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System unable to process online HomeHub Re-contract

Respected Commentator

System unable to process online HomeHub Re-contract

Tried many times over many days to re-contractHomeHub, using Chrome, Microsoft Edge and FireFox. No help.

Always ended up with this message during checkout.

It's almost ending the 3rd day they promised to get Sales to call, but never did.

So I called 1630 Sales, but the person at the other end couldn't help to process order in my shopping cart and ask me to wait for Sale callback. So it is not true that you can call 1630 to continue process your order by human being!

I also notice that for months, people have been having this issue. So I was wondering why the Management  let this thing goes on and the checkout software code is still not fix. Wouldn't it generate unnecessory traffic seeking help and stress out the Sales people, including the customers?


2018-12-08 17_03_32-Order Summary.png