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Relocating HomeHub 500

Senior Commentator

Relocating HomeHub 500

I am moving house and is looking for instructions on relocating the service for my Homehub 500. My Homehub 500 is no longer on contract. I am getting the impression that it is cheaper to terminate and sign up a new Homehub contract, than applying to relocate the service. Is my understanding correct? Thanks

Grand Guru

Re: Relocating HomeHub 500

That is quite true, as in my case.

Meaning that is to have 2 HomeHub on 2 different addresses.

Being as new contract for new address.


But first, you need to look for any promotions having offers you like to have.

You can check on these by: (1) Online store, go to and click on the Store, on top right; (2) Starhub website, at and top left is the Personal...  (3) visit Starhub shops for Starhub brochure.

Have any sales staff contact you, with any offer.

Received any mailer offer, as i had received it on the very last month.



As for me, it is new installation with free 1 extension for to convert tel point to data point.

I received a mailer offer on HomeHub 1000 with free TV subscription.

Hence i request forum staff to assist me.

The sales staff contact me immediately and arrangement is made.

Everything go very smoothly as both installer & setup technician able to complete within 4 hours.

Up to now, my broadband is stable, as speed above 600+ Mbps is acceptable.

As for the HomeHub 500, i did not terminated immediately as i was still staying in my old flat.

Only when i myself finally move to the new address, then i bring the HomeHub 500 completed sets, devices, to Starhub shop to cancel the service.





Senior Commentator

Re: Relocating HomeHub 500

Thank you Eric for your detailed explanation and advice. I will probably follow what you did too.