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Prime Football Pass and "Discount Pass"

Esteemed Commentator

Prime Football Pass and "Discount Pass"

Hi, two questions:


1) I'm interested to subscribe to the Prime Football Pass on the Starhub Go platform on a monthly basis. Would my Homehub voucher ($8) be applicable towards this subscription?


2) I notice, on my latest bill, that there's a line item "Discount Pass Remaining Credits $10.00 (Before GST) Expiry Date 01/11/2016", under the Starhub TV section. What is this about?

Community Relationship Manager

Re: Prime Football Pass and "Discount Pass"

Hi Hongsiang, please send me a PM with your StarHub Account number, registered name, NRIC/FIN, email and contact number so that we can get in touch. Thank you -Jolene