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Poor Service-want to terminate Contract

Senior Commentator

Poor Service-want to terminate Contract

To StarHub


Below is a rough summary of incidents that had happened from 19 Dec'14.

On 19 Dec 2014, I went down to Plaza Singapura branch to sign new hand phone line. One of your salesman recommended a Cable-TV + Internet plan for me to sign up and gave me a new TV box. Few weeks after (cannot remember exact timeframe) signing the contract the salesman called me through his hand phone told me the contract is voided.

Waited at Plaza Singapura branch for more than 2-3 hours (excluding travelling time) and this is what I get. Even charged me for the TV box he passed to me which he mentioned that the contract is voided.

When you sign a contract for 24 months (2 Years), you are bond to termination fee of $790 + - depending on the date of termination. But when StarHub void your contract they do not pay the customer such fee. This is totally unfair trade and unjust to the consumers, the time spent to travel and wait is totally not worth it.

Calling the StarHub team, Mr. Tiva told me that it was not recorded in their system and that there was no internet contract signed until I forwarded him the copy of the contract from Plaza Sing branch. This was only mentioned after many conversation on phone with Mr. Tiva. This matter was then passed to Ms. Ashley and she said that she checked with the outlet sales team and reply was due to an error or something done by the salesman.

The question here is, can I tell StaHub that I signed the contract in error and void the contract without paying any termination fee? Also, how come the voided contract was not recorded in StarHub system at all?

Called Starhub many times and emailed them many times, to take back the Cable box as I do not want to waste the time and resource to bring the box back to StarHub at Peninsula as this was not my mistake. First few reply on phone was that if I am using the box I will be charged even after I told them I am not using as the contract was voided. Only until 29/3/15 the box was taken back by their courier man.

Up to today, I am still not sure if the additional rental for the box was totally waived off as I only have the online bill from Feb’15 onwards left.


I have decided to give StarHub a 2nd try by signing a new contract, on 3 Mar’15, installation of new modem for new broadband was completed at 9.55pm, but with no internet connection. Even after 5-6days there was still no internet provided, called in everyday and they said the technical team is working on it and they close at 9pm. It was totally useless and frustrating, even told them what if I want to termination the plan as service was not provided and reply was technical team is still working on it. This is the kind of service StarHub is giving now?


Total waiver for error contract rental box and 6 days internet downtime was $43 and I do not know which is which. Waiver of such amount in comparison to the time wasted and lousy service provided is unreasonable and you have to stick with StarHub for 2years.


Since StarHub can void my contract signed in 19 Dec'14 by a phonecall from the salesman, can StarHub take back the waiver of $43 and accept this in writing which I believe is more proper then the phone call given by your salesman to allow me to terminate my contract without paying the termination fee as I have no more confidence with StarHub especially their customer service team. I believe this will be more fair and justifiable to your customer.


One thing noted is that StarHub do not reply through email and will always call you back by phone.

Now I am still waiting for Ms. Ashley from the general enquiry team to write back through email to confirm the incidents.