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New contract but port setup problem dragged for weeks

New Commentator

New contract but port setup problem dragged for weeks

there is existing starhub broadband subscription in the house. We can apply for another one.


first time, the backend did not open the 2nd port but insist to ask the onsite to use the 1st port. fortunately, the onsite is a logic young guy and patiently talked with backend 20mins before giveup. he left the feedback in system and i signed.


second time, the other guy come and same problem again. he ask to use 1st port and i said its another registration. then he said he will come back later the day when he wait for backend to open the port but left without calling again.


i meant, the 1st port is starhub and your system can check. But, same problem happened twice not only wasting your time and money but customer suffer with your service. Why did not you sorting your workflow after so many complaints in this community? same problems again and again...


1. train your stuffs, especially backend people for logic

2. upgrade your system, onsite people can make changing locally

3. did you see that your setup schedule is fulled for 2weeks? and if each setup takes 3times, that's how many hour and money. Learn lean management


And lastly, your auto reply email for receiving feedback is same as the 2nd day operator reply. why not use auto reply for the 2nd operator? same money too. They are using standard reply as below:

"We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you."

Community Manager

Re: New contract but port setup problem dragged for weeks

Hi Ryangan


I am sorry to hear about this. Please drop me a PM with your registered name, registered mobile number, Hub ID/email address and service address (including postal code and unit numbers) by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < for me to arrange for assistance. Thank you.


- Jackson